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Frykmo Modellbyggeri started as a company in 2008

The business, which takes place at the hobby level, is based on the following ideas:

  • Construction, development, maintenance and display of a model railway facility which is a combined basement and exhibition layout built to inspire other modellers to build model railways with Swedish prototype

  • Sales of detail and model kits under the Frykmodell brand to finance the operation and the development of the layout.

  • To the extent of time and desire:

    • Producing ready-built and painted models from the Frykmodell line

    • Building custom-ordered models or dioramas



The company is thus run as a pure hobby business and this entails some reservations:

  • We have no real webshop with order forms etc our website is instead a product catalog where ordering is done via email

  • We do not have an official telephone number. Contact is via email or contact form on the website

  • Availability of stocked items will vary

  • Perhaps a little indefinite delivery times, especially on build-on order items.

.Interior from the work room in the basement

.A picture from the basement layout Engelsfors-Drambo Model railway

.The layout on exhibition - Swedish Hobby fair in Älvsjö 2016

Customer data and privacy

  • General

    • As the company's operations and sales are of relatively small scale, we have no customer register where we save names, personal or address information over time.

  • What kind of data do we collect?

    • The only data we collect and store are name and address information in connection with ordering.The information is used to send the delivery to the correct addressee and is only linked to the respective orders.Order data is then saved for bookkeeping purposes.

  • Where is the data stored?

    • Order and invoice information is stored on a local computer with backup from the service provider Storegate.

    • We do not disclose collected information to other companies or organizations.

  • Deletion of personal information

    • If you wish that we do not save personal data, when ordering or later via e-mail, you can request that we delete these from order and invoice details after payment is received and the order is sent.

  • Responsible for collected data

    • The undersigned is responsible for processing collected data.  

    Olle Frykmo

    Frykmo Modellbyggeri