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N Scale  1:160

   Engines  -  Etched loco bodies

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Electrical engineHg N.b.010

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  • Etched kit 0,25 mm nickel silver

  • Etched Loco-body, roof, pantograph and bogieframes

  • Decal set SJ or TGOJ

--------    Rekommenderad drivning: Tomix TM-03

In stock


Etched kit      800:-


Motor unit

Tomix TM-03 TM-03

  • Suitable motor unit for the HG enginebut unfortunately with rather low weigh

  • Need some modification to fit into the low and narrow body.Described in the assebly instructions

In stock

Packet price withetched kit   1 100 SEK


Single motor unit:

-              400 SEK



Diesel engineTb (Qtb, Dll) N.b.048

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  • Ethed kit, 0,25 mm nickel silver

  • Etched loco-body plows and railings.

  • 3D-printed details and bogie frames

  • Decal set with SJ, Banverket and Infranord liveries.

Suitable motor unit:  Atlas/Kato GP30/GP35 Not included  but could be found on e-Bay

In stock

Etched kit-               750 SEK


Diesel engineTc (Qtc, Dll) N.b.048

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  • Etched kit 0,25 mm nickel silver

  • Etched loco-body, plows and railings med etsad kåpa och plogar

  • Metal wheels and puffers

  • No motor unit included

  • Selectable decal set

Recommended motor unit: Se next item, not included

Finns i lager

Byggsats kåpa -                700:-


Motor unit

SB Modellbau 42005

H0e chassis 38,0mm

  • Recommended motor unit, not stocked by Frykmodell